Operating in the aluminum industry for over 25 years, our company constantly improved its quality with its knowledge and experience in this sector and established its own brand ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM. ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM took its place among leading organizations in aluminum industry in a short period of time, established anodized coating, wood pattern, electrostatic powder coating plants, in order to meet instantly the customer needs in industrial profiles, joinery profiles, facade profiles, thermal insulation profiles, railing profiles, glazed balcony profiles.

ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM continues to invest in the PVC sector with strength of its customers, ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM offers the services to its customers with the brand ORPEN PVC Door and Window Systems.

As is known, the cheapest energy source is solar energy in our country. ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM is a member of ISES that operates in international arena in this area, in order that the our country's economy and our customers benefit from this natural resource, under the consultancy of UGET-TB, follows closely the technological developments in solar energy research and development, and produces solar collectors under its own brand ÇUKUROVA GÜNEŞ ISI, which made us an ideal brand in this sector, as our company has produced vacuum glass tubes under LARA SOLAR brand, which isn't manufactured in Turkey, that we are proud to be the first factory in Turkey in 2009.

Our integrated facility located in Adana Hacı Sabancı organized industrial area has 35.000 m² of closed area and 5.000 m² of open area, in which we manufacture and market high quality aluminum, PVC, vacuum glass tube, solar thermal collectors, each department establishes a quality control and laboratory on-site in accordance with the quality requirements set by Turkish Standards Institute.

Our company meets the needs of mold which is vital for the aluminum profile, in its own facility, and manufactures the molds using the latest systems.

ORTADOĞU ALUMİNYUM is not satisfied with this high quality and aims even higher, endeavors to offer the best service to its customers by using its years of knowledge, experience, experienced staff and the highest level of technology.